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Juan and Veronica Soto were both born and raised in Arizona. They are married with two beautiful children, a 20-year-old daughter, and an eight-year-old son...but their story started many years before that when they met at a grocery store!  


Veronica and Juan have both had their hands dipped in a variety of fields. They are both fully versed in retail and customer service. Juan has the amount of experience most people never accomplish. He spent time as a buyer for a store, learning the importance of forecasting to predict the business' future revenue and expenses. Juan also spent time in the trade field, gaining experience as a plumber, heavy machine operator, and maintaining the lakes at a golf course.  


In 2016, Juan and Veronica started a junk removal service for extra income, aside from their regular day-to-day jobs. It wasn't long before the junk removal service grew so busy, Juan was forced to do it full time. On multiple occasions, they were asked to remove cabinets and walls in preparation for a remodel. This is how J&S Demolition and Hauling came to be.     


In February 2016, J&S Demolition and Hauling became official. They have grown quickly and have gained popularity in The Valley. Their fast, friendly, and efficient services are the reason their names continue to get passed around!  


When Juan and Veronica can get away and leave trusted employees in charge, they enjoy camping as a family, road trips, sporting events (they are huge Cardinal fans), and attending their son's soccer games. They are also lovers of Disneyland! Family is a priority for these two business owners, and they are surrounded by an extensive, close-knit family that loves gets together for BBQs!  


Juan and Veronica love what they do, and you will see it in the quality of work J&S Demolition and Hauling produces. They are aware of the options of companies out there, and when they are chosen, they take that very seriously and work above and beyond expectations...every single time. When you want the job done right, J&S Demolition and Hauling is the company you want to trust.

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